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Client libraries

Xenia offers client libraries that allow for easy integration of Xenia functionality into your project. These libraries implement the API. More advanced information about these client libraries can be found on their github pages. For more information on the Python library see its readme page

Compatibility matrix

xenia_python_client_libraryXenia API v1.1Xenia v2.1

Installing python client library

To install the Xenia python client library, please visit our Github and follow the installation instructions in the README. To test if everything works properly, you can run the snippet below. Please, fill in your own API key (<YOUR_API_KEY>).

import xenia_python_client_library as xenia

configuration = xenia.Configuration()
configuration.api_key['Authorization'] = 'Token <YOUR_API_KEY>'

client = xenia.ApiClient(configuration)

api = xenia.api.CoreApi(client)

Example deployment

A Jupyter notebook quickstart-mnist-full.ipynb can be found in the folder examples in the repository. It shows how the MNIST model can be deployed using the Python client library.

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Client libraries

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